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Dear Friends and Family,

I heartily thank you for checking in... :)

I update once in awhile; infact I just switched hosts,
so things are going to be a little 'messy' for awhile! :)

But it will be better, once I get the 'kinks' worked out!

Speaking of which, check out the menu at the left...


So you are welcome to 'join in'

and post queries or tell tales... :)

Thanks for stopping by and PLEASE use F5 to refresh,
especially if something looks especially peculiar
or links are not functioning.!

and I do apologize for having

the speed of a ruptured turtle,

but that is my speed,

these days... :)

PLEASE feel free to contact us


With your comments,

contributions & corrections of tree data,


art, poetry, stories or articles...


We do have an awesome family! :)


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