Capt. Isaiah Horton
(1737-Abt 1820)


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Anna Wood

Capt. Isaiah Horton

  • Born: 19 Jan 1736/37, Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts
  • Marriage: Anna Wood on 14 Feb 1762 in Gloucester, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Died: Abt 1820, Cook's Cove, Guysborough, Nova Scotia about age 83

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264. Capt. Isaiah Horton, son of [528] Hezekiah and Mary (Martin) Horton, was born 19 January 1736/37 in Rehoboth (Bristol) Massachusetts, and died about 1820 in Cook's Cove (Guysborough) Nova Scotia. He married 14 February 1762 in Glocester (Providence) Rhode Island,

265. Anna Wood, who was born 16 February in Warwick (Kent) Rhode Island, and died in Guysborough (Guysborough) Nova Scotia, daughter of [530] William and Anna (Collins) Wood.

Settlers of Guysborough, Nova Scotia.

According to Trishe Willis, Isaiah was born at sea and lived in Phillipston and Southold, Long Island, New York, and was captain of a schooner plying between Long Island and Guysborough. Before settling in Guysborough, Isaiah and Anna lived in Pictou where some of their children were born. There is a community on the Salmon River called Horton's Cove, and property that was originally granted to Isaiah in 1787 (207 acres on the south end of a 1,807 acre land grant to a group of 9 settlers in Guysborough) is still in the family of a descendant, Steve Wright.

Anna & Isaiah were the parents of eight children:

i. STUKELEY/STUTELY HORTON, born 1758 in Glocester, died in Musquodoboit (Halifax) Nova Scotia. He married about 1784 in Truro (Colchester) Nova Scotia, Hannah Fisher, who was born 1758 in Londonderry (Rockingham) New Hampshire, and died in Musquodoboit, daughter of William and Hannah (Archibald) Fisher. Stukeley & Hannah were the parents of eleven children: (a) Isaiah Horton, married Hannah Myers, nine children, an unnamed child, Alexander, George David, Hezekiah, James Thomas, Jane, Rebecca, Thankful, and John William; (b) Robert Horton, married his first cousin, Zipporah Jones, nine children, Catherine, George, John, Mary, Moses, Thomas, Elizabeth, Hannah Amelia, and Albert; (c) William Horton, married Elizabeth Catherine Myers, nine children, David Whitford, Esther, Stutely, Mary Ann, Elizabeth Catherine, Hannah, Isaac John, Susan Margaret, and Joseph; (d) Elizabeth Horton, married Alexander Kent; internet cousins(e) Alexander Horton, married first, Mary Myers, one son, James Thomas, Alexander married second, his first cousin, Zippora Cynthia Horton, twelve children, John William, George, Elias Cook, William Webb, Isabella Smith, Zipporah Elizabeth, Hannah Amelia, Humphrey, Wentworth Taylor, Jane Rebecca, Samuel Leger, and Caleb Alexander [Distant Cousins: Alexander Horton's third great-grandson, Russell Horton Pope, Jr., is Tim's sixth cousin. We "met" him on the internet in 2011 and exchanged genealogical information.]; (f) James Horton, married Elizabeth Keillor, ten children, Ellen, Eunice, Helen, Mary Ann, Rebecca, Thomas, James, Susan M., Samuel Freeman, and George; (g) Ann Horton, married (\emdash ) Parker; (h) Samuel L. Horton, married Nancy Watson, one son, William; internet cousins(i) John S. R. Horton, married Mary Jane Harty, eight children, Hannah B., Mary Susannah, Catherine, John Alexander, William J., David B., George W., and Hiram Charles [Distant Cousins: John S. R. Horton's great-granddaughter, Patricia Eileen "Trishe" (Miller) Willis, is Tim's fourth cousin, twice removed. We "met" her on the internet and exchanged genealogical information.]; (j) Houton Horton; and (k) Walford Horton.

ii. WILLIAM HORTON, born about 1764 in Rhode Island. He married 2 October 1790 in (Guysborough) Nova Scotia, Lydia Cook, who was born there. William & Lydia were the parents of eleven children: (a) William Horton, married Hannah Ryder, five children, George Henry, William Mariner, Valentine, Ambrose Cleves, and Nancy; internet cousins(b) Ambrose Horton, married Dorothy Ryder, one daughter, Lydia [Distant Cousins: Ambrose's fourth great-granddaughter, Kara (Cunningham) Allen, is Tim's sixth cousin, once removed. We "met" her on the internet in 2011 and exchanged genealogical information.]; (c) George Horton, married Mary Whitman; (d) John Stephen Horton, married Elizabeth Russell, nine children, Ann, Elizabeth, James, John, Sarah Jane, Susan, Thomas, Reuben, and Lydia Maria; (e) Hannah Cleeves Horton, married William Cook; (f) Mary Horton; (g) James Edward Horton, married Mary Ann Gammon, thirteen children, Mary, William Archibald, Ambrose, Naomi Caroline, Lucinia Maria, Jeremiah Jost, Eliza Dorcas, Eleanor Jane "Ellen", Hezekiah H., Mahala Jemima, George Whitfield, Thomas Henry, and Sydney Smith; (h) Sarah Dorcas Horton, married John Bigsby; (i) Lydia Horton, married Robert Burns; (j) Priscilla Horton; and (k) Thomas Horton, married Mary Cook, four daughters, Charity, Eleanor, Lydia, and Esther [who married her first cousin, once removed, George Washington Horton].

iii. MARY HORTON, born 27 March 1766 in Rhode Island, died 15 July 1872 in Guysborough. She married 21 January 1794, Thomas Jones, who was born 27 December 1770 in Wales, and died 1815 in Guysborough. Mary & Thomas were the parents of ten children: (a) Anna Jones, married William Jenkins; (b) John Jones, married Catherine Whitman, thirteen children, Hannah, John, Mary, Sarah, William, Zippora [who married her second cousin, Charles Spanks], Caroline [who married her first cousin, once removed, Hezekiah Horton], Margaret, Ann, Sophia, Alexander, George Whitman, and Charles; (c) Zipporah Jones, married her first cousin, Robert Horton, nine children, Catherine, George, John, Mary, Moses, Thomas, Elizabeth, Hannah Amelia, and Albert; (d) Elizabeth Jones, married Eli Rogers; (e) Jane Jones, married Humphrey Horton, ten children, Zipporah A., Alexander McNeil, Mary Elizabeth, Jane Isabella, Alexander McNutt, Wentworth Taylor, Thomas, Lavinia Ann, Maria/Martha Esther, and Mary Elizabeth; (f) Mary Jones, married John Jamieson, three children, Charlotte, Mary, and John Patterson; (g) Susan/Susannah Jones, married Lemuel Scott, two daughters, Mary Jane and Sophia Cutler; (h) Sarah Jones, married George Spanks, one daughter, Janet; (i) Thomas Jones, married his first cousin, once removed, Mary Ann Spanks, fifteen children, Mary E., Thomas, Benjamin, Charles, Martha, Annie, William, Stutely, Harriet, Jane, Eliza, Esther, Moses, Annie, and Aaron Thorpe; and (j) George Jones, married his first cousin, Ruth Amelia Horton, eight children, Almira, Zipporah Jane, Susannah Cooney, Philomena, James Alexander, Ruth Maria, Levi, and James.


v. ANNA HORTON, born about 1768. She married 23 June 1785 in Manchester Township (Sydney) Nova Scotia, Benjamin Critchett, who was born about 1766 in Candia (Rockingham) New Hampshire. Ann & Benjamin were the parents of seven children: (a) William Critchett; (b) Rachel Critchett; internet cousins(c) Anna Critchett, married William Spanks, three children, Mary Ann [who married her first cousin, once removed, Thomas Jones], Charles [who married his second cousin, Zippora Jones] and John [who married his second cousin, Mary Jones] \emdash [Distant Cousins: Anna (Critchett) Spanks's third great-grandson, Mel Young, is Tim's sixth cousin. We "met" him on the internet in 2011 and exchanged genealogical information.]; (d) Benjamin Critchett, married Susan Stewart; (e) Charles Critchett; (f) Alexander Critchett; and (g) Isaiah Critchett.

vi. GEORGE WASHINGTON HORTON, born after 1770, died February 1871. He married (as his first wife) 18 June 1803 in Manchester, Susanne/Susannah Catherine Langille, who died 28 December 1827 in Manchester. He married (as his second wife) 3 February 1829 in Manchester, Elizabeth (Diggedon) McKenzie, who was born 25 March 1804, and died after 1871, widow of Edward McKenzie, and daughter of [270] Stephen and Ann Mary (Tilley) Diggedon. George & Elizabeth were the parents of eight children: (a) Susan/Suzanne/Susannah Elizabeth Horton, married Edward Jenkins; (b) George Washington Horton, married his first cousin, once removed, Esther Horton, six children, Jerusha Alma, Armenia, Victoria Adelaide, George Edward, Thomas A., and Harris Leslie; (c) Hezekiah Horton, married his first cousin, once removed, Caroline Jones, seven children, Samuel Huestis, Charles W., Moses C., Nettie Rebecca, Catherine, Mary C., and John A.; (d) Edward Francis Cranwick Horton, married Mary Ann Kaizer, ten children, George Milton, Hattie Ann, Ira Seward, Amos K., Amy Beatrice, Edwin Cramer, Everett Garfield, Aubrey Ethelbert, Lorne Everson, and Etta Mae; (e) Robert L. Horton; (f) Charles R. Horton, married Alice Kelly; (g) Steven William D. Horton, married Sydney E. Johnson; and (h) Sarah J. Horton.

vii. HEZEKIAH HORTON, born after 1770. He married before 1813, Mary McIntosh, who was born about 1774. Hezekiah & Mary were the parents of one daughter: (a) Elizabeth Horton.

viii. CHARLES HORTON, born 2 December 1785 in Guysborough, died before 1834. He married 18 January 1810 in Manchester, Sarah Scott, who was born about 1789 in Manchester. Charles & Sarah were the parents of three children: (a) Ruth Godfrey Horton, married Daniel Bigsby; (b) Ann Elizabeth Horton, married Thomas Simpson; and (c) Thomas Jones Horton.


Research Notes of Patricia "Trishe" (Miller) Willis

Research Notes of Carol Pearson

Research Notes of Mel Young

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Last Revised: 8 July 2011

Isaiah married Anna Wood on 14 Feb 1762 in Gloucester, Providence, Rhode Island. (Anna Wood was born 16 Feb 17** in Warwick, Rhode Island Colony and died in Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada.)

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