We Are All Margaret Haldane's Bairns

by John Duncan

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.  Margaret Haldane, Charles Stewart, & James Archibald

Chapter 2.  The Scottish McColls

Chapter 3.  The Australian McColls

Chapter 4.  The Australian Duncans

Chapter 5.  The Canadian Duncans

Chapter 6.  The McKenzies, Grays, & Robinsons of England

Chapter 7.  A Genealogical Odyssey,
A very special chapter, by Australian born descendant,
of Margaret Haldane, Kenneth Campbell McColl,
who happily shares with us all, his interest, research, and documentation
of the Odyssey of the Origins of his Italian Doll Maker Ancestrial Line,
The Columbos and Vines, as yet another foundation for our descendants to hopefully expound upon.
With updates made 5th of June, 2009, Kenneth points us first to Australia, then to India, England and Italy!
From India tragedy leaves four orphaned daughters, the eldest only twelve,
transported to Australia and family, whom they had never met before, to begin a new life.

Chapter 8.  The Duncans in Scotland

Chapter 9.  The Millers of Scotland

Chapter 10.  The Petrans of Czechoslovakia & Australia

Chapter 11.   Coming Soon, The Stewarts, Cahoons, Nicholsons, & Nogamis of America & Scotland---->

Chapter 12.   The McCulloch’s of Glasgow

Chapter 13.   The Faulds of Glasgow & London

Chapter 14.   Charles Stewart & Janet Jessie Laird Smith, Salt Lake City

Chapter 15.   Benjamin Waterfall & Jessie Caldwell Stewart, SLC & Los Angeles


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