Welcome to our family poetry nook.

Once upon a time, when this domain was hosted elsewhere, we had quite a collection of poems submitted and displayed, for and by our family members.   Unfortunately, the conversion to a different host, along with my confessed lapse of attention, resulted in massive loss of 'connection' to those poems.

The poems themselves are still intact, though the process to link to them shall be a very arduous endeavor, which I have finally addressed, beginning with this page, which WILL EVOLVE with updates, so please use your refresh options, if you visit more than once!

Here will be a list of our family poets... published and unpublished.   By clicking on their name, you will go to their individual index page, if they have more than one poem submitted, or to the poem expressly noted, if only one.

If you are a family member and would like to submit a poem,
to be considered for display here, then please send it to Poetry@jezzmo.com

The Mourning Plow ~ by Colleen Cahoon


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