About MO


My name is Colleen Cahoon and I am the ODD one in my family... every family has one, right?  I am my Mother's Fifth child and my Father's Third... all six of my siblings have had lovely names, with lovely middle names.... ODDLY... I was not given a middle name!

And thus, from the get go, I was notably...  ODD. The more one knows me, the more apparent that becomes... heehee... but then, in my humble opinion, that is... as it should be.

We are all unique, therefore should embrace our differences and appreciate the differences of others, as the joyful recognition of what I observe as being, 'the oxymoron of life'... what all life has in common is that it is unique... no two blades of grass are identical, no two snowflakes, no two identical twins either, if one really looks at them, not so ODDLY... :)

A Single Paintbrush amid Blue Bonnets

While my genealogical roots are most recently embedded in New England and primarily branch from there to Ireland, Scotland, and England.... I am ... without a doubt... a native Texan...   despite the fact that I was not entirely raised in Texas... I was born in Texas and have lived here longer than I have lived in any other state.  Texas is reflected in my speech, some of my attitudes, such as my friendly nature, and of course in my leathered looks.... ;)

Texans tend to do things in big ways.... and that is my hope for this site... that someday it will be an internet ranch that spans the world... where family is always welcome and there is also room for visitors as well... where the herds can mingle freely, despite their various brands and find pastures aplenty, of food for thought and fresh waters, to quench the thirst for knowledge, regarding our common roots.

I originally began jezzmo with the thought in mind of showing off my children and all our talents, as we tend to have an artistic 'bent'.  However, my interest in genealogy became the dominant 'use' for jezzmo... with information freely shared with others, who likewise enjoy sharing the common interest.  More on that later!

The picture below, pretty well captures who I am... a fundamentally happy Texas Oddity... :)

Below the picture you will find a link to the gals who actually own, trained, parade, and saddled my momentary "steed...errrr.... steer." 

By the way, that critter's name is "HotShot" and he weighs over 2,300 pounds!  His horns span a distance that exceeds my meager height of 5'2''... and while I continue to shrink with age... the span of this magnificent animal's horns, will continue to increase... the horns do not fall off, like deer, moose or other Antler-Folk... of the cervine family... :)

Where did I meet HotShot,  you wonder?  Well, it was time to grab another bag of feed for my free spirited animated pasture ornament, my mare, Winnie.... so I headed down to the local feed store and as I was coming up the alley way, found to my delight, Hotshot under saddle...!!!  :) 

Sure, in Texas you can see Longhorns quite frequently, but in all honesty, there are not too darn many that will tolerate a saddle and rider!  So, I feel quite pleased at being at the right place, at the right time, to do something very few Texans can actually brag about doing... straddling a Texas Longhorn Steer, without getting "Kilt"... :) 

Now, if I can just find where those Giant Jackrabbits under saddle hang out, then I reckon I will have sat on All the Best Four-Legged Critters in Texas.... :)

When you select the link below, to find out more about Texas Longhorns and these amazing trainers in particular, you will be leaving JEZZMO... but, you know the trail back now!

So go explore and graze where you choose... and do so happily! :)

Texas Tawny and Hot Shot

To Learn More about "HotShot" and his awesome female trainers, go to http://www.texaslonghornsforhire.com  and tell them MO said howdy!